El viaje de Ana


Feature Drama - 2014 - 92 min

Young video artist Ana is working on a film about Andrea de Alphonse, a Frenchwoman married to a Chilean poet, who retreated in Chile after her husband’s death at the beginning of the 20th Century. Torn between the reality of her encounters and the ever-growing presence of Andrea’s character, Ana’s fate will change.

WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Pamela Varela / CINEMATOGRAPHY Emmanuel Tussore, Cristobal Portaluppi, Pamela Varela / EDITING Thomas Glaser, Yanis Polinacci, Pamela Varela / SOUND Sergio Henriques, Maxime Delporte / PRODUCTION Les Films du Poisson, Ananda Productions, Corfo Chile, Région Aquitaine, Département Dordogne, CNC