"The walking man, the man standing, all the force and vulnerability of a wandering humanity is marching onward"

SIRENS is a series of films, photographs, installations, sculptures and performances exploring the notion of transit.

SIRENS #1 / video installation – 40 min looped – 2016
Faced with the immensity of the sea, a human chain silently proceeds. Men and women walk relentlessly but quietly towards the horizon. Guided by their instinct, these anonymous beings launch forth to their mysterious fate as if drawn by an irresistible song. They crash against the power of the elements, the rush of the waves, telling us they are alive. Soon, they fade away in an ever going flow.

cinematography Emmanuel Tussore / sound Manuel Vidal / visual effects Basile Maffone, Sasa Jokic / production Jukka Studios – Célia Peragallo / with Sunu Street, Sene Africa, Azart /  Shot on location in Thiaroye-sur-mer, Dakar, Sénégal

#2 / sculpture in situ installation
It’s everywhere in the press: “Sea creatures washed up ashore! According to local fishermen, some were still alive at the time of the discovery so they attempted to return them to the water. It was a vain effort. Soon a crowd gathered round eager to take the inevitable selfies but the technical team quickly arranged for evacuation. The coastline is not far from the sea routes connecting the southern to the northern countries.”

This is the story a great dark creature that goes wandering about different tales. Half cetacean, half inflatable dinghy, it seems to have just the right profile to cut through the waves with ease. This hybrid creature washed up on our beaches crystallizes our fantasies along with our fears.

Collective Exhibitions
Berlinale Generation / Berlin International Film Festival 2017 (Germany)
Rituals and Perfomance; Inherent Risk / Lagos Photo Festival 2016 (Nigeria)
Franchir / Nuit Blanche Paris 2016Palais de Tokyo (France)
Borders / Nuit Blanche Brussels 2016 (Brussels)
Enchantement et Mers Mortelles
/ Dak’Art 2016, OFF Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Dakar, Galerie ATiss (Senegal)

The Future of Visions – Don’t expect anything / European Media Art Festival 2016 (Osnabrück, Germany)