Philip Jones Griffiths

The magnificient one

Documentary - 2008 - 32 min

Legendary anti-war photographer and author of Viet Nam Inc, Philip Jones Griffiths, gives the interview of a lifetime only 48 hours before he died in at his home in London on March 19, 2008. With a voice impassioned by courage and enriched by his legacy of love for people and for taking real pictures of real people, Philip imparts his final words of wisdom on the subject of photography and sexuality.

With Elliott Erwitt, David Burnett, Bob Dannin, Gilles Peress, Eugene Richards, Alex Webb, Tanya Braganti

A FILM BY Donna Ferrato & Emmanuel Tussore / CINEMATOGRAPHY Emmanuel Tussore / EDITING Andres Bonache, Emmanuel Tussore / SOUND Andres Bonache / PRODUCTION Donna Ferrato, PJG Foundation, Jukka Productions

Premiered in 2008 at the Aperture Gallery, New York