Documentary - 2015 - 150 min

Recounting the stories of several personal commitments, Passeurs outlines the key steps of an unprecedented mobilization, telling a story of AIDS which joins in with the wider field of social history. A film which tackles the essential work of coming to terms with our past. It assesses and analyses this mobilization through real life stories which highlight the human dimension. It met famous people, characters, unknown people, and associative and political stakeholders in the United States, in France and in Africa.

DIRECTOR Pamela Varela / CINEMATOGRAPHY Emmanuel Tussore, Marc Stef / SOUND Sergio Henriquez / EDITING Pamela Varela, Yannis Polinacci / PRODUCTION Sida Fond Pour La Mémoire, Ananda production / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Coalition Internationale Sida Plus, l’Association AIDES, GILEAD, Jukka Productions

Premiered in 2015 at the National Assembly in Paris, France