Documentary Essay - 2016 - 4:19 min

A white lion invades the territory of a black lion.
In the manner of a tale, Gaïnde is inspired by the legend of Simb Gaïnde, a popular street show in Senegal which portrays “Fake Lions”. The film revisits this tradition and reflects on the beginnings of colonization.

A story narrated by Babacar Top & Alioune Ndiaye / with Ibou Ngatté Ngom, Babacar Top, Romuald Brizolier / music Nar Ndiaye, Ahmet Ndiaye, Mbalo

DIRECTOR, EDITOR, CINEMATOGRAPHER Emmanuel Tussore / ART DIRECTOR Romuald Brizolier / SOUND Manuel Vidal / ADDITIONAL EDITING Qutaïba Barhamji / PRODUCED BY Romuald Brizolier, Jukka Studios – Célia Peragallo